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Uploaded on 20 November, 2012

This amazing yet controversial hunting video has has spiraled the world with speculation, debate and a chance for viewers to witness a very rare day of hunting in the woods. We are now pleased to give you the full story (video) that these hunters have just released.

The new video recaps the full-detailed story with unreleased footage, photos and more! A unique and exciting story for all outdoor enthusiast to enjoy & share with friends. First see the quick edit of footage here that has escalated so much attention and then experience the full in-depth story here, WATCH PART 2! @  Part 2 – Up Close & Personal – A Crazy Colorado Buck Attacks

As Hunters, Fishermen and Outdoorsmen we are privileged to witness Mother Nature conjure up some weird and wonderful things but how many of us can say they have witnessed anything like the video taken by these hunters in Colorado recently?

We all know the rut does crazy things to bucks but to have a buck within 5 feet of 2 hunters while he fights a buck that is all but ready to be dressed is at another level!

Add to this a gun shot in the air that was suppose to scare away the enraged buck gets an il response, and the buck continues on fighting his downed rival until he decides the fight is won. Then casually walks off content and you have the recipe for one of the most outrageous videos capturing a very aggressive and weird situation

Length : 7:15

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44 comments on “CRAZY CO. BUCK ATTACK

Ronald Dillatd

If this is not staged Then there must be some stupid hunters there or they would have taken the outher Buck


They did the right thing the video they stated they wished they had another buck tag…No buck tag no extra buck…

And some areas have specific shooting hours..
Great sportsman!! I applaud you..thanks for the awesome footage !

Jay Brown

And they’d have gone to jail, lost their rifles, trucks and all their gear. That’s Colorado law.

E Fudd

A little tame them, slow hunter, too many saftey swtch clicks to make the buck stand… it a farm , hand fed animals ?? odd !


Glad to see some hunters still have ethics. Hunters who think they would have shot the other deer shouldn’t be hunting…they should stick to playing video games. Can’t shoot a deer without a tag or at night.

Why ruin a once in a lifetime experience with poaching a deer.
Thanks for making the right decision and for letting the rest of us enjoy the video.

pete olivieri

Now if the hunters had harvested a doe in heat the opposite would have accured!Rutting animals are fuled by hormones the larger buck more than likely beat down the the smaller buck all week and denied him mating opportunitys!Visit any pub on a weekend and watch the humans interact!!!


When the buck is shot there is snow and they are out in the open woods. Then they don’t film the shot (why would you not film that?). Now it’s dark and there is now no snow. Where did all the snow go? Then the second buck drives the first one up against a building that was not there when they shot it. Where did the building come from? So the buck was moved from where it was shot. Do you know anyone who shoots a deer and drags it out without gutting it? I do not. Except on deer farms. So while it’s presented like they just shot it and the second buck comes up on them, that is clearly not what happened. So, probably guys on a deer farm of some sort kill a buck and provoke another domesticated buck to fuss with it. I still enjoyed the video, but I suspect it’s mocked up.

Troy C.

Just saw video 12-20….
Agree with Glen……
If you listen what the 2 men say, they call the buck a 10 point which is how you would count the points for a white tail… The picture of the buck standing before showing dead on the ground is a 4 point mule deer. Hunters in my area know the difference between mule and white tail deer. Picture clearly shows good day light when buck is alive and with the rifle it looks like they were using and sounded when shot into the air at night, bucks do not travel a great distance after being shot. Then the ladies voice in the background later in the video??? I also suspect a mock up of some type. I’m sure they had a great time making the video!!!!!!!!


Reminded me of MAINE back in the 60’s… Almost the same thing..But..a neighbor told us that the live Buck had been a friend of the dead Buck..and were seen many times chasing each other in Potters Field..Don and Gert Potter had an old Farm there.
Could have been..they were 2 buddies – and the Live guy wanted the dead guy to get up…


Fire in the air? Not too bright, I don’t care how out in the woods you are.


I agree with Glen. The video has a few holes in it, though very cool I just hope they send that story to us.


wow, some dumb comments by dumb people, how would you stage that? who trains mule deer to fight, or better yet WHY? COME ON GUYS…REALLY the muley may be a pit bull in a deer you guys


what the hell! they have a spotlight in a tree! must have food with spotlight and shot after dark! Great Hunters!


Nice video of a pretty unusual experience. Good job you got back and let him have his way with the carcass or he might have been crazy enough to work you over too.

Pretty classy behavior on your part to stay within the law in spite of the aggravating circumstances.


David Ross

Just watched this video. This is a invite form me to you P.O.S. Seeing that you think your some real big bad brave hunter, (well big around the middle is for sure), I would more than happy to meet you one on one in the woods. Only this time the hunted, me, will have something to defend myself. That deer didn’t.
United States Marine, Special Forces, (active)


Where did that comment come from?


Who in their right mind would shoot thier rifle in the air?


Some of you must not hunt deer!When they rut,they get brave and stupid! The guys did the right thing……They probably taped the whole hunt,but just chose to share this……….

3rd Coast Sailor

We always load our deer/hogs/ turkeys etc.. and bring back into camp to gut and field dress them. We have a tractor with a front end loader if real heavy and we have skinning racks set up, buckets to hold guts so we can haul them off and most importantly LIGHTS if it is at night so we can see what we are doing.
Most processing houses here in South Texas will no longer take an animal that is not quartered and on ice. They will not take one with the hide still on it.

Rev.William A. Basler

I don’t know about you guys but I have been hunting deer for over 50 years and I say cudos to you two hunters for a great prize and a really really fantastic experience and the Video to go with it! As for all of the negetive words from all tha amatures and none hunters it sucks to be you…Great Video guys…Rev-Bill

David Roberts

That buck has already been to one of Colorado’s drug dens and is high on weed. lol

A Troubled American

It is not “We the People” anymore it WE the Government and we the Government will tell you what you can and can not do. If you do not say what we tell you we will lock you up and make other taxpayers pay to have you gettting free board and food and medical, etc. If you do not pay your taxes, we will lock you up too. If we run out of room we the Government will build more prisons to lock you up and make you pay for all construction and emplyee’s.

Richard Reimer

This is one of the most stupid videos I have ever seen. It must have been on a preserve or something. I just don’t beleieve it becqause if it had happened to me I would have been more excited in the first place and I would have shot more times in the air to get the other buck away. I don’t care if it was rutting season the other buck could have been scared away if they wantedmit to happen!

Matt Cockroft

Well to answer doubters, I took this footage on my land which backs up to Pike National forest. 1st, I thought I was filming the shot, but my memory card filled up and i missed the kill. 2nd, The first part of the film was watching the buck on a lower part of my land on a colder north bank which never gets any sun. 3rd, The buck was shot just before dark on my property line to the national forest. 4th, we pulled it closer to the light of my house to dress it out and that’s when the other buck came into the picture and caused havock to our dead dear !! If I had another tag I would had shot it, but I did not, and I figured the footage was pretty priceless anyway. No deer farm, no staging, just a bunch of crazy bucks that come after the does that live around my property every mid November. Thanks for watching and for any positive comments.

Allen Kitts

I just wanted to say thanks for the video. I really enjoyed watching it what ever the circumstances were. For all you negative commentor’s out there get a life. I didn’t see anything on the post saying this was a boone and crockett hunt for a wild deer in the national forest. Its just another hunter sharing his video for other to enjoy. It always amazes me how ready people are to bash someone else. Must be a lot of perfect people out there. Thanks again for the video, I thought it was great!


Wow, so many experts on here. There is 45 minutes of this video you didn’t see. I watched this deer for 40 minutes before I shot him. No “deer farm” or “tricks”. This is a wild deer. My brother in law got excited and we hunt whitetail and mule deer is why he said 4 pointer or whatever.We know the difference.Snow in the opening shot in a draw where it is cold. He was shot 45 min later 400 yds away on a sun baked hill. This is pieces of 50 min of video edited down to 7 min to show, not one continues shot dummy.The battery died just when I shot so we didn’t ad it in. He mated a doe 3 times before I shot and you didn’t see the whole video. I shot into a pine tree top with nothing behind it for 50 miles. No other deer tag on us and we were not going to shoot it unless he tried to gore us.We drug him up to the house in a tractor to gut him and turned on a flood light. No trickery or whatever you guys made up. It was real and the best hunt of my life in 32 years of hunting.


It amazes me how some some people always have to make such ignorant comments and try to come up with a reason to be negative. The only thing I can say that they did “wrong” was taking so long to do more to scare off the buck. If you going to shoot the gun then don’t screw around while it’s doing damage to your deer. Get the damn gun and shoot now! Shoot in the ground though! Personally, I would have grabbed a gun for safety then kicked that buck in the rear real hard and more than once if necessary, but that’s just me. I wouldn’t recommend that to anybody. If that didn’t faze him I would have put the muzzle a couple feet behind the head and squeezed off a shot to snap him out of it. I would done all this in short order to protect my deer as much as possible.

BUT, you know what? It doesn’t matter, because I wasn’t there. I wasn’t the one that was surprised by something crazy and unexpected like that happening. They are not me. That’s why their name is not Lance. We are all different and you can bet that we ALL do things that others think are “stupid” or that they would been more excited by.

I would like to say cool video guy’s and congrats on following the law and not shooting that buck at night.


The original picture shows a nice buck in the trees with ample daylight. Then when they start to dress it out, they are 20 feet behind a house. It’s dark out and rigimortis hasn’t set in on the deer’s body meaning it was a fairly fresh kill. Where is their 500 square inches of Flourescent Orange? Looks like a poaching incident that should be turned over to the CDOW.


You guys have got to be nuts, did you ever think what that buck could have done to you?

PA Hunter

Mark’s story makes sense when clarified. Truth is often stranger than fiction. What surprises me is the point count. Even this eastern white tail hunter knows how to count a Muley. In all a great video.;

Anatolia Hawley

Ya’ll are the best!!! The RUT is a season keeping the next generation of does & bucks. (Best for Hunting–AMEN) I have never seen in 45 years of my life hunting, the amazing thing that ya’ll saw & encountered. I’m Impressed! Keep up the good work and video boy’s!!!! Keep it up.

Old Woman from New Mexico


I know this can happen. It happen to me 15 years ago, hunting white tail. I shot a buck with bow and arrow. The buck went about 50 yards and dropped. Maybe 5 min’s latter a doe comes buy with a buck following her. When he got close to the dead buck he changed him buy butting him when he got no response he got very violent. This went on for about 5 min’s. Then he just walk away. So I know this can happen. Great job guys. Amazing video.

Old hunter from Michigan.

Noah Goode

These two guys are dumber than a sack full of hammers. That buck was shocked it’s older companion wasn’t moving and was trying to wake him from the dead. Why do they have to kill such beautiful creatures. Man the only beast with reasonable intelligence and I give these two bozo’s. If these guys had a brain they’d be arrested for smuggling schitt!


You sure know it all don’t you….jackass…


Good job guys. I’ve hunted for aover 45 yrs. and have seen some crazy, funny behavior from animals while hunting.
You have shown good Sportsmanship, reserve, and self control. Don’t let moronic non-hunters and amatures who just like to stir up crap for those who are hunters bother you.
I had a Drill Sgt. who said he would shoot at only things that can shoot back. Whatever. I am a wartime vet that believes only in killing what I eat or protecting myself, family, friends, and niehbors from deadly harm.
Those that eat “happy joy joy” meals leave it to the assembly line and take for granted that their burger once lived and breathed also. Sitting on their rear judging others and have no concept of the spirituality and reverence of those that take the responsiblity into their own hands. I know most cannot but STFU and not watch this video if it offends your delicate sences dumbass.

John Waite

Great hunt guys! I also have hunted for 45 years, and none of this is real surprising, except that you were able to get it on film. that’s great! the behavior of the deer is not surprising and any seasoned hunter will tell you that from personal experience. I understand how some people are quick to be cynical with all the photoshop that goes on, but your explanation is reasonable—I’ve done the same thing myself. I applaud you for being carfefull as I have had bucks come after me. they are not the same animal they usually are when they are not in the rut. for all you tree hugging non hunters that eat hamburgers on the grill, and rib-eyes at the restaurants, you should shut your pie-holes. you have no clue of what you are saying. I might respect you if you were a vegetarian? well, maybe not. anyway, great job!

J. Waite Michigan hunter

steve harris

I think this was an angry son who thought his dad was just drunk again and missed his soccer game for the umpteenth time.

I have killed 42 whitetails in my life and have never seen anything close to this crazy

hgh reviews

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Great video guys! Amazing, that is truely a once in a lifetime experience. Its amazing the power of a wild anilmal. Great Job and keep up the good work. 22yrs hunting and never saw anything like it.

The naysayers need to get a hobby. There are counselor out there aimed to help you poor negetive people.



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