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Uploaded on 19 November, 2013

This recent video was captured by hunter’s Adam and his Dad shortly after being contacted about two locked bucks in water. Charlie being a veterinarian from Monticello, Ind. felt confident he could at least put forth effort to save the 10 pt. buck that remained alive. It was apparent these two deer had a violent rut fight and unfortunately one of them passed before arriving on the scene. Enjoy and share this new 2013 rut rescue footage.
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Length : 8:56

Category: Deer, Encounters, Fights & Attacks, and Xtreme.

Tags: Bucks, deer, Fight, hunting, locked, nature, outdoor, rescue, river, save, water, whitetail, and wild.


  1. Linda

    1 year ago

    So, there were a minimum for FOUR people there, one A VET…….why not tranquilize the deer, rope the antlers and drag it out???? less trauma on the deer that hitting the antlers with an axe…. as that would effect the buck that was alive…

    Glad you took the time to save him, but still wondering about an easier/better method……

  2. Larry L.

    1 year ago

    Good job guys! tuff spot to decide what to do

  3. Casey

    1 year ago


  4. Jerry Nesim

    1 year ago

    At least bring a different tool to use but still nice rescue!

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