1. That’s pretty cool footage guys! Nice efforts.

    Brendan, 10 months ago Reply

  2. And they say hunters are not conservationists.. or sportsmen .. They know nothing about the true sportsman.. Your video is excellent and tells how much you are a sportsman and promote hunting sportsmanship for the world to see.
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING your experience. I know the deer charging had to have gotten your adrenaline pumping to a max,

    Marv Eide, 10 months ago Reply

  3. Great Job, CRAZY but great job!!

    Paul, 10 months ago Reply

  4. That’s rediculously crazy guys! good job helpin him and getting it on film!

    Rafel G.A., 10 months ago Reply

  5. Bizarre, he was fired up after the helping hand :)

    Nick Harper, 10 months ago Reply

  6. awesome! how long did it take him to set him free? it cuts from him about to letm loose to it being done. cool encounter

    BowhuntinTxHills, 10 months ago Reply

  7. Good, Now be a real sportsman and use a camera rather than a gun!

    Bub, 10 months ago Reply

    • “BUB” what do you mean by that statement? They are hunters and sportsman, it has nothing to do with using a gun or camera.

      Ricky Blevins, 10 months ago Reply

  8. Nice job on the save. Glad to see you could get them apart without getting your buts kicked or worse !

    Captain Bill Shubbuck, 10 months ago Reply

  9. Great job guys. Glad you were able to free the buck. Also glad you didn’t get gored! BTW Bub, I’ve NEVER been able to put ANY food on my table with a camera.

    Haskell TX Hunter, 10 months ago Reply

  10. I know exactly where your at, is it just north of the I-44 and I-35 junction on the east side of I-35?

    Phillip Crow, 9 months ago Reply

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