Video: Hunters rescue locked bucks but then everyone is shocked!

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Uploaded on 10 November, 2013

This is rut madness that Chad Yousey and Joey King from River Bottom Pursuits came across in Oklahoma near I-35. Two locked bucks with a story and footage to follow. These hunters make a brave attempt to save the living buck. Once they accomplish this a whole new situation unfolds as this angry buck doesn’t want to leave and take his freedom.
“We found two bucks in the wild locked together. One was dead and this buck was still alive. We released this buck from the other buck and he wouldn’t leave. We were trying to gut the other buck and get him out of the woods but this buck kept standing 5 ft away and staring at us. He charged us twice as we were trying to Shewww him away. We could have shot him at any time but decided to unlock them and let him go. We risked our own safety to give this buck a chance at survival. They’re are more videos on our fb but I won’t be done editing the 30 min of film for a couple weeks. We are 100% fair chase all the time and try to be the best sportsman we can be.” – Bow Madness Outdoors


Length : 4:54

Category: Encounters, Fights & Attacks, and Xtreme.

Tags: 2013, animals, attack, bmo, Bucks, charge, deer, Fight, hunting, locked, outdoors, rescue, rut, season, and tangle.

12 Comments → “Video: Hunters rescue locked bucks but then everyone is shocked!”

  1. Brendan

    1 year ago

    That’s pretty cool footage guys! Nice efforts.

  2. Marv Eide

    1 year ago

    And they say hunters are not conservationists.. or sportsmen .. They know nothing about the true sportsman.. Your video is excellent and tells how much you are a sportsman and promote hunting sportsmanship for the world to see.
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING your experience. I know the deer charging had to have gotten your adrenaline pumping to a max,

  3. Paul

    1 year ago

    Great Job, CRAZY but great job!!

  4. Rafel G.A.

    1 year ago

    That’s rediculously crazy guys! good job helpin him and getting it on film!

  5. Nick Harper

    1 year ago

    Bizarre, he was fired up after the helping hand :)

  6. BowhuntinTxHills

    1 year ago

    awesome! how long did it take him to set him free? it cuts from him about to letm loose to it being done. cool encounter

  7. Bub

    1 year ago

    Good, Now be a real sportsman and use a camera rather than a gun!

  8. Nice job on the save. Glad to see you could get them apart without getting your buts kicked or worse !

  9. Ricky Blevins

    1 year ago

    “BUB” what do you mean by that statement? They are hunters and sportsman, it has nothing to do with using a gun or camera.

  10. Haskell TX Hunter

    1 year ago

    Great job guys. Glad you were able to free the buck. Also glad you didn’t get gored! BTW Bub, I’ve NEVER been able to put ANY food on my table with a camera.

  11. Phillip Crow

    1 year ago

    I know exactly where your at, is it just north of the I-44 and I-35 junction on the east side of I-35?

  12. Vijay

    5 months ago

    Very energetic article, I loved that a lot. Will
    there be a part 2?

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