Mt. Lion Attacks Deer

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Uploaded on 12 December, 2013

A hungry mountain lion pursues a mature buck in this hunting video. The 160 class mule deer fights back kicking the cougar in the face. After several rounds of attempting to break free, the cougar will not budge.
See this struggle for life in New Mexico, as natures wild side is exposed again. It was estimated in the hunting footage that the buck weighed roughly 265 lbs and the cougar around 150. View more here as this mountain lion takes down this muley.

Length : 5:11

Category: Fights & Attacks and Xtreme.

Tags: attacks, buck, cougar, hunting, mountain lion, mule deer, and New Mexico.

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  1. brett

    3 years ago

    Crazy stuff, hunters watch your back ;)

  2. Gobblez

    3 years ago


  3. Howard21

    3 years ago

    very intense, nature can be very wild!

  4. Glenda

    11 months ago

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