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Uploaded on 18 December, 2012

This unbelievable footage was captured on a recent youth mule deer hunt in Oregon. The hunter was set up on a spotting scope tri-pod rest and patiently waiting for his shot. As the bucks approached, the videographer, Rob Shaw, had to literally grab the hunter to get him out of harms way as they plowed through their tri-pod set up. And then the hunt got even crazier. Enjoy this once in a lifetime event.

Length : 4:50

Category: Deer, Featured, Fights & Attacks, and Xtreme.

Tags: 2012, battle, buck, deer, Fight, Footage, hunting, mule, outdoors, rare, season, and tripod.

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  1. very interesting vid,2 bucks totally oblivious to what was going on, plus a hunter that intent watching them, that he nearly got trampled, but in the end is patience payed off, WELL DONE.

    David Riley, 1 year ago Reply

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