CO Buck Attack Pt. 2

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Uploaded on 1 October, 2013

Many people were skeptic toward the original video and story behind this hunt leading up to a mule deer attacking another dead buck. We are pleased to be the first to release this new exclusive footage, photos, and recap, Matt gives you the full story in this flashback, confirming the validity of this otherwise unbelievable story. Highlights of possibly the rarest and strangest hunting experiences of all time. Sit back & enjoy a great video for new and previous viewers to understand what really happened.

Despite the reasoning of a quick 20-minute edit, the first released footage that led up to this viral hunting video in less detail can be viewed here @  Part 1 – Up Close & Personal – A Crazy Colorado Buck Attacks.

Length : 14:30

Category: Deer, Encounters, Fights & Attacks, and Xtreme.

Tags: 2012, attack, buck, CO, colorado, crazy, dead, deer, extreme, Fight, full story, hunting, new, outdoor, part 2, photos, and rare.

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  1. Matt Cockroft

    2 years ago

    I just wanted to say thanks for for their excitement towards my story and towards hunting all together. Also to those who want to comment on my nerveous banter during the fight, I was in shock and not thinking all that clearly. Also, I know you don’t add up all the points for mule deer and I know shooting in the air is not safe, but again i was a bit flustered and Brent did shoot into a pine tree. Anyway, God bless and enjoy.

    Credit for the song COLORADO goes to my good friend Wesley English of the former Flying W Wranglers and now with the “English Brothers” down in Texas !!

  2. Les Hutton

    2 years ago

    Nice followup to your earlier video of this same adventure. We hunted Colorado for many years until the advent of the points system made our chances of holding our party together just too difficult to deal with.

  3. John Waite

    2 years ago

    Great hunt guys! I also have hunted for 45 years, and none of this is real surprising, except that you were able to get it on film. that’s great! the behavior of the deer is not surprising and any seasoned hunter will tell you that from personal experience. I understand how some people are quick to be cynical with all the photoshop that goes on, but your explanation is reasonable—I’ve done the same thing myself. I applaud you for being carfefull as I have had bucks come after me. they are not the same animal they usually are when they are not in the rut. for all you tree hugging non hunters that eat hamburgers on the grill, and rib-eyes at the restaurants, you should shut your pie-holes. you have no clue of what you are saying. I might respect you if you were a vegetarian? well, maybe not. anyway, great job!

    J. Waite Michigan hunter

    John Waite, 2 days ago

  4. Grady

    2 years ago

    I know this type thing happens as I have seen it a couple time in my 50 years of deer hunting. This past season I shot a doe and she went down. Before I could get to her another doe came in and starting butting her and striking her with her hooves and pushing her carcass around until I walked up within 20 feet of her before she backed off. Even then I had to keep an eye on her when I started gutting as she hung around for another 5 minutes..

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