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Uploaded on 22 February, 2016

A day on the job turned into a wild deer rescue for Bill Davis and his fellow employee friend. They suddenly noticed two blacktail deer stuck in the mud. Watch the footage as Bill turned on the camera for the first deer rescue.

WATCH PART 2 below, showing the 2nd deer rescue!

Length : 4:45

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184 comments on “Excavator Operator Saves Deer In Mud Field

Beth Bowlin

The best people are the those who love and care about animals. Great video!

Dale Fulington

This excavator could deliver egss with no fear of a cracked shell….GREAT JOB !!!!


Merci bien

Gwynne Nicholaides

I agree, Beth. I had a great, great grandmother whose name was Elizabeth Boulin. NW N. Carolina!


Týjo já měl takový starch že se z to ho nevytáhne

Naila M Sanchez

Amen to that!!! What Heroes these people are!!!!! Love good people… and all animals!!!


We hope we will get another day after the next election!


A heart of Gold you deserve a medal for Humariton deed. Thank you

Suresh Patel

God bless you.All soul live under BLUE SKy.Leave the door open to help every one. Again THANKS.

ann hartman

These men deserve a metal! They are so kind and caring, broke the mold when they were born! Love them! Not to mention their expertise with huge equipment. Awesome guys and job well done over and above. Restores hope in mankind…THANK YOU! FROM the Deerwhisperer.

Kathy Heckscher

Indeed, my heroes too. Of all the clever things our kind can do, this kind of action is the best.
And its opposite the worst

Larry Santiago

So crazy, nice save!!

Eric Haulenbeek

Nice job guys!

Myriam Thelemaque

There are not many as caring and loving as you guys, but the world is better knowing that
you are around doing magical things like the rescue of these noble animals. Bravo!!!
Forever I will remember these faceless human beings.


Well done by both of you.


Little chance for this deer to survive without the help it received. Thank you.


Great job! Great to see people so caring and a really happy ending for the deer. May the world bless you for your kindness.


Bravo guys ! Great job ! You are the best.Very heart warming video.Thank you.

desert dweller

The Lord says “be kind to your beasts”! Doesn’t get much kinder that this! God bless you!

Prince George

What a waist of fuel! Haven’t you people heard of global warming? That stupid deer probably wandered back into that mud pit! Those guys are killing our planet one deer at a time


Prince George
Stop trying to act so tough…you moron

Prince George

All that work for no pay?!?! Does anyone eat venison anymore??

Karen VanSant

You guys rock!!!


You guys are a credit to your trade, good job.


Agreed. What a skillful save. Every living being deserves a second chance. Heartwarming


God bless all of you caring and thoughtful men! God is smiling down on you!

Pat perkins

Wonderful brought tears of joy


What an amazing group of people who care for our beauty and love for animals, Thank you.

P'tit zouzou

En effet, incroyable !


It takes a lot more people like you to make the world a better place. Congrats, you are the best.




heartwarming , the best ever start to the day, renews our hope in humanity.
when you are kind, you renew your very own spirit, God bless these guys.


What wonderful men with caring hearts. God bless you.

Lorraine Haas

This “Lorraine” agrees,,,,,GOD Bless You…This Lorraine

Prince George

Lordy Lordy Lordy! Hallelujah! Praise the lord sweet baby Jesus!

Michael W

Fantastic job!


I hope you guys know how wonderful you all are. The skill involved in picking up that deer without injury is something you have to be so proud of. WELL DONE!!!! We definitely need more people like you in this world.

Bob Chutes

Everyone is as greatvas I am . Love You

Suzanne Turcotte

You guys brought tears to my eyes…..thank you for saving !!!!!!!!


Didn’t the deer got into problems in the first place because of those guys?


Probably not these guys, but habitat loss sucks.


There is always someone who can see the negative aspect of anything, no matter how positive it is.

Christine callaghan

Wow, great job. Deer would not gave survived otherwise. Very cRing operator. Thank you.




Les hommes sont capables du meilleur comme du pire, et si c’est souvent dans le pire qu’ils sont les meilleurs, c’est dans le meilleur que je les préfère.


Bien sur, mais le probleme est que les forets disparraissent.


Awesome!! I had goosebumps the whole time and needed Kleenex at the end. You guys rock!

Michelle JOSSE

Magnifique ! Bravo ! Quelle maîtrise ! De la grande classe au service de l’amour.

Susan S

What a touch you have! Didn’t know this huge machine could be so gentle – in the right hands! Beautiful and loving story with a happy ending. Excellent work!

Virginia Bowling

Seeing people with a heart is awesome.

Byron Christopher

Good work guys.


That is what I call ‘humanity”. From a 90 years old man(french) who is definitively(why?) agnostic……..


Einh? C’est quoi le rapport?

Nelly Hantke

Thanks a lot for saving the poor deer, thanks for having a big heart for animals, the way you save the deer with so a precision and so careful not to hurt the deer was very touching, an amazing job, you guys make the difference in this hectic world with almost no time for such a heroic action. God bless you always!!!!


Thank you guys .Job well done need more people like you in this world.


You guys deserve a medal! So heartwarming to see such caring for helpless creatures. Well done!


You guys deserve a medal! So heartwarming to see such caring for helpless animals in crisis. Well done!


Fantastic Well done


People are just AWESOME ! Judy is right God is smiling upon you !!!!!


People are AWESOME !!!! Judy is right God is smiling upon you !!!!!


Thank you to the wonderful gentlemen who rescued those helpless deer! The hottest, sexiest men in the world are those who care about animals and children!


They did a great job of getting the Deer out of the mud. Bravo! But the real question is, who made this mud mess?????

Prince George

The guys who “saved” the deer made the mess. Duuuhhhhh


Cool! Well done. Good on ya!

George Meek

Bravo! Job well done ..I’ll be passing this one on…I love the animals as I’m sure you do.

john flynn

well done guys

Chris Coughenour

John do you have twin sisters and a sister named Katie and live in Westminister.Cailf when you was a kid ? If so I think I know you from 17th Street School.

Gilah Yaron


Joan Nulty

Wow. And you guys are excellent machine operators. So precise and gentle. Well done!


Bravo C est réconfortant de voir des vidéos comme ça.


There are still some good people in the world

Glenna B

Outstanding! One of the most heartwarming things I have seen in a long time! Great job guys, you are the best!!


Pohladilo srdíčko, za to, že není svět tak zlý , poděkování,


Pohladilo srdce, děkuji, že svět je ještě někdy laskavý a nechcem ubližovat, ještě můžeme žít….


What I don’t understand is that it comes on hunter vids??? Are they releasing them to shoot later by hunters?


What these guys did was impressive, but I was thinking the same thing. Saved them to be shot in the heart later?

Tony Harck

You sound a bit confused Wizza. I am a hunter and have tremendous respect for animals. Just as much as you I’m certain. I do eat meat and when I hunt that’s the entire process. I sit in the woods hundreds of hours a year and that is to enjoy nature. Hunting is part of conservation and the stats don’t lie about the facts. If you eat meat, I hope you realize the chickens and cows are being treating 1,000 times worse than what any hunter does. We don’t kill for fun, its part of the cycle of living, and again a great time to get outdoors even more.

Kate Marden

Michael and Wizza, you need to educate yourselves about the ethics of hunting. As Tony says, hunters are on the forefront of conservation. Peregrine Fund, National Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Pheasants Forever (to name only a few) were started by hunters. Folks rely on that deer or elk or moose to feed their families in the winter and they have great respect for that prey animal. If you eat meat or fish and are anti-hunting you are being a hypocrite because you pay someone to kill for you every time you shop. Even if you are vegan, you are still killing something; it is the nature of our planet.


bravo!!!(1 seul mot suffit)

Jacques Dupont

Les hommes sont capables du meilleur comme du pire, et si c’est souvent dans le pire qu’ils sont les meilleurs, c’est dans le meilleur que je les préfère.


You guys are amazing! What more can be said? 🙂


Je suis restée suspendue à ces images…La fin est merveilleuse. Quel bonheur ! Bravo à ces hommes qui n’ ont pas perdu toute leur humanité. Que la vie leur soit clémente, ils le méritent !

Jim Cotten

That was absolutely beautiful. Thanks guys

Charley Crews

You can tell a lot about a society by how it treats its animals.




Nice touch with the bucket, pretty sloppy out there, good job backhoe operator, i would stand in the hole anyday while you took a scoop out, anybody who has never dug a water line won’t understand that statement, you rock brother, God Bless


Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us.

Sue S

Well done! Thank you for being so kind to these beautiful deer who might have perished if not for you. Hope you receive an act of kindness in return when you need it.


Nice finesse with that heavy equipment. There’s a trapped animal somewhere inside most of us, and we like to believe a little help might come out of nowhere now and then. Or a mighty backhoe !


This is heart warming! Thank God there are highly skilled operators that love animals. Wonderful video.


Yayyy! What a guy! What a team! Here’s a big Thanks for two of God’s creatures who can’t say it for themselves.


Yayyy! What a guy! What a team! Here’s a big Thank You from two of God’s creatures who couldn’t say it for themselves. Keep up the great work.

Guignery Luc

Bravo les gars ,comme quoi les hommes sont capables du pire ……..mais aussi du meilleur.cdlt LUC

Guignery Luc

Tank you for this fantastic moment……whis delicate attention .LUC

Peggie Davis

To state I am impressed beyond words is an understatement. I want Bill and his buddy to be MY BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!


Oh, I was holding my breath especially for the second one. It must have been so tired. Those guys are amazing! I loved how he kept saying, “Come on, baby.” So loving and kind! Those guys are heroes as they surely would have died and been buried in the mud! I couldn
‘t help but wish someone had a hose:-).


Merci ! un de plus pour les chasseurs….

glenda may

What gentle-men to so delicately and with such great heart save these two little creatures. You are beautiful and thanks for sharing this video with those of us who care deeply too…

Danielle M

So beautiful to see; thanks for caring.


Thanks for valuing life over time and money. Renews my faith in the human race. Thanks guys and girls.


Good job with the saving, but why isn’t the excavation site protected with a barrier to prevent this from happening??

Larry Umenhofer

The epitome of preciseness …..Wonderful


Both will tell great stories about you guys 👍


Refreshing to see men who do such things exhibit both skill and compassion, good job men.

Chris Mueller

I that Bill Davis of Oregon, knew Mike Robison,


wonderfull ! many thanks for them !


Restoring my faith in humanity

Richard Lucas

Great Job guys, this is the Country that we live in, go U.S.A.


The most wonderful, kind act of humanity Ive seen in a very long time 😇

Tony Warton

Restores your faith in human nature. The skill and gentleness of the operator were wonderful to see.


That was beautiful.


You guys are the best. One day you will have a front seat in Heaven. God Bless You!

Norm Poberezny

Great day for both


May God bless these men; who cared more for this animal, than the money they would lose during her rescue. Thank you all very much and kudos to the machine operator.


If the mud field wasn’t man made this would never have happened. Leave nature alone people.

Kate Marden

Sure, annoyed. Nature never has floods or fires or mudslides or tornadoes or hurricanes or earthquakes, right?

Made in Usa

So, you don’t live in a house? You don’t drive in a car? You don’t eat vegetables? How do you think all those things were produced? Moron

julio sanguily

great job,your heart must be pounding


What two wonderful caring men. Let’s remember to Give Praise and thanks to God for creating them. The poor frightened and scared deer would never have made it on their own. Now let’s pray they find their mama.


Don’t cancel my comment.

Meg Lea

Great job! So heartening that you care.

Joe Montes

Nice save! What happened to the other deer?


What skill! I could not believe how they planned the rescue and carried it out. Some people are just great. Those deer must have thought it was God coming to rescue them.


Bravo guys ! Great job ! You are the best.Very heart warming video. You made my day! Thank you. God Bless you! 😀😀


Bravo guys ! Great job ! You are the best. Very heart warming video. You made my day! Thank you. God Bless you!

Jacqueline Dieuleveut


Pat jansen

brought tears to my eyes-the humanity of those men! wow Since Bambi was my all time favorite movie, I thank you. Your reward will come, if not in this lifetime, in the next.


There has got to be a special place in heaven for people like you. To save not just one, but two of God’s magestic creations, filled my heart with warmth and my eyes with tears. I was so afraid that something would go wrong, but when I realized the care and expertise you were employing during your saving efforts, I knew it would be ok. Great job you guys.


And he didn’t drop his beer.


Thank you for your incredible kindness!

Gordon Clack

Well done, lads! It renewed my faith in human nature.

Gordon Clack

Well done, lads! It has renewed my faith in human nature.


A heartwarming video…Thanks be to God for caring humans! Bravo to all the rescue workers!!


Wow! For all the crummy stuff that happens in the world, these two men just proved there is great goodness. They are each a hero and it was amazing how careful the two deer were picked up to safety. May the Great Spirit bless these two men.


My day started out kinda down but you guys changed that & I am happy & grateful for you caring enough to give your very best! What a sight that was to see..thank you guys so much 🙂


Wonderful! This is the type of thing I hope your kids know about. They would be so proud. Wish I knew you.


Notre monde serait bien meilleur si il y avait des HUMAINS comme vous MONSIEUR, bravo et merci pour eux

Priscilla Reynolds



You guys are the best. The thought of what would have happened to the deer is just too much to think about. Thank you!!!

Robert Anderson, Central Florida

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. These two would not have survived without you delicate rescue. My hat is off to the backhoe operator because of the skill he showed and used to rescue these poor trapped animals. I am 70 years old and been around construction many times and seen some pretty good equipment operators but never a backhoe operator with the finese and skill you showed.


Wow, talk about going the extra mile! Thank you Guys.


chapeau bas au conducteur de l excavatrice et comme elle ne sais pas parler merci pour ces bêtes

Roy and Karen

Awesome job guys!!😍😍😍😍😍


I did a tour in Iraq when the war first started, so I have seen a lot of death and destruction, and this brought a tear to my eye!

John Gibbins

Wow! What a delicate touch on the controls by the excavator operator and a steadied patient hand. The dynamics of the mud were such that any sudden moves could have changed thevwhole outcome. Pros wh took the risk of possibly killing the deer but saving them from a certain death. True professionals and masters of their medium. Thank you!

Gordon Hideo

Banzai! Job well done and both of you will be asleep with smiles on your faces!

Jeffrey Missonellie

Great job! You are good guys & ladies. Such delicate control of that monster bucket. A nice happy ending.

Uncle Dave

You can easily see that these poor little critters were exhausted.

The guys Man-Up and with great skill and pluck the deer from the mud. Only a hunter, outdoors man, Redneck, working man would have the empathy and skill to do this.

While the Eco-Freaks cry in their latte’ and protest the heavy equipment manufactures and operators; These guys are out fixing and building our county and it’s infrastructure… and while their at it, having the respect for the great outdoors, they can actually save some animals.

Take that Green Peas… (or greenpeace, either one) !



Three cheers for those guys!!

Prince George

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!


Thank you very much for this video .
The good that we are doing is always sent again .
This deer was very lucky to have meet you . Respectfully .


Made my Day
Bruce . South Africa.


We continue to wreck their habitat and they will continue to have to retreat further back into the forest. Perhaps a more common ground is to name some of the places as National Park grounds so they won’t get razed for civilization. In Europe some places you cannot build in a place where there never been a standing structure but you can build on a house that has fallen down

Joseph Mitko

Two Amazing rescues done with outstanding teamwork and an operator with plenty of finesse.
Well done guys !!!

D. R. Barnwell

Great job — why didn’t he deposit the deer on the grassy bank instead of in the mud. Bould have made it easier for the deer.

Iva Netrhova

Bravo !!!!


I’m pretty sure this operator could scratch my back without leaving a bruise. d:)

johnny timmermans

nice work….!!!!


Such impressive humanity shown for animals!! Nicely done by all!! Now that is a Smooth Operator!


Wonderful and heartwarming that they took the time to rescue the deer who were helpless. And amazingly skilled operators!!!!

John Wagner

A real pleasure particularly during our violent times !

Vasanth BR


Juan Carlos Pizarro

RUN….RUN…. you are FREE now….!


Amazing patience!


Thank you to everyone involved in the rescue. Amazing job and heartwarming.

Yves Dansereau

Bravo et merci a ce monsieur pour ce geste du cœur , un bel exemple du respect de la vie peu importe la forme de cette dernière . Cela fat du bien a regarder ,et encore une fois un grand merci pour votre belle action mon cher monsieur !

Yves Dansereau

Un très beau geste mon cher monsieur , félicitation et merci a vous !

Yves Dansereau

J’ai laissé de bon commentaire pour ce beau geste humain , mais le modérateur du site ne saisie pas ma langue d’expression ! Dommage…?


I would be honoured to shake your hand

Fred Baron

Great job, thanks to people like you guys

Renaux Lubin

Merci beaucoup, j’adore moi aussi les animaux. Merci beaucoup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Si tous les hommes pouvaient suivre votre exemple, cela serait trop bien.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 !


Making America Great Again, solving one problem at a time. It starts with compassion, faith in your abilities and to always do your best! You guys did all of the preceding – Awesome!


I am always in Awe when I see how kind some people are toward animals!

Art Verster

Great Job Guys. you are fantastic – such a careful and gentle rescue, thanks from all of us viewers. You Rock!!.

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