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Uploaded on 24 December, 2013

There is one month out of the year all whitetail hunters dream about. The frosty mornings when Nature seems to be the most welcoming, understanding, and the most pure. The blood red sunsets that paint the sky with countless memories, both wild and tame, of the day gone by. It’s during this time that we as whitetail hunters immerse ourselves in the whitetail’s world and match wit’s with one of Nature’s most instinctive and intelligent animals.
This is Narcotic. This is November.
Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: 24-105mm f/4L
Slide: Glidetrack SD
Cut In: Sony Vegas HD Platinum 11
Filmed by: The Altizers
Edited By: Cody Altizer

Length : 3:28

Category: Cody Altizer, Deer, Deer Bow Hunting, Featured, Hunting, Partners, Short Films, and Staff Picks.

Tags: archery, Bucks, canon, cody altizer, hunting, nature, november, and whitetails.

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  1. Wiley X. Lyons

    2 years ago

    Olson’s assessment says much about how the whitetail uses its senses to survive. And I’ve discovered through raising whitetails that when they learn something, they never forget it.

  2. Garret Avent

    6 months ago

    This gets me pumped for season so much!

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