Wild Fights Between Wild Boar, 2011 Footage

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Uploaded on 1 February, 2012

Fighting among wild boar is common when the males decide to find a mate. They do not have any fixed mating period so these males join the sounders at any given time. In this clip, a close look at these crazy fights and footage of the extreme nature during their group time. A nocturnal creature with a very aggressive wild side.

The male boar prefer to be solitary but the sub-adults & females live in these groups called sounders. They primarily consist of around 20 members including two or three sows with a dominant female. Packs of these wild animals have been seen at numbers soaring to 50 plus. Enjoy this video on excellent footage of the wild boar nature & fights from Nova Toma.

Length : 2:15

Category: Encounters, Wild Hog, and Xtreme.

Tags: boar, Fighting, sounders, and wild.

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  1. SmokeyOak

    3 years ago

    the females shootem out 3 times a year usually lol. cool video

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