Trapping Furbearers 2013: Part 1

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Uploaded on 19 February, 2013

Trapping Season 2012-2013. In this part I video follow Leatherwood Outdoors as they trap for Fox, Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk, Coyote, Mink, Weasel, Beaver and Muskrat in western Pennsylvania. They guys spend time on the trap line showing their catches and explaining how they set traps.

Then join the guys in the fur shed where they skin, flesh, and dry their hides. The guys talk about why they trap and why it is important to keep the tradition alive. Various traps include the leg hold foot trap, dog proof coon cuffs, and conibears. Animals were dispatched with a .22 short.

Enjoy and don’t miss out on the rest of LWO 2013 trapping. Watch the second half @ Trapping Furbearers Part 2

Length : 24:02

Category: Leatherwood Outdoors and Partners.

Tags: beaver, fox, hunting, mink, pennsylvania, raccoon, skunk, trapping, vermin, and weasel.

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