Trapping Furbearers 2013: Part 2

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  1. Big fan of your guys videos….. Me and a couple of my friends just got into filming this last fall. We are from armstrong county PA as well (shelocta area by the powerplant if you know where that is?). Anyways we are a very tight knit group who have similar hunting ideals as you and we hunt everything from coyote, crow, dove and consider hunting to be more of our life then are actual jobs. As well we have ventured into trapping over the last couple years. I was just writing because I thought that since we were so close in location you guys might be interested hunting and showing us how you guys film and as well we could show you some knew hunting areas as well as you could show us some good hunting places. We are called dream chasers outdoors. Maybe we can get together and do some coyote, crow or spring gobbler hunting in the near future. Hope to hear back from you and if interested here is a video of one of our successful archery hunts from this year.

    Jared McCullough, 1 year ago Reply

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