Saskatchewan Black Bear

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Uploaded on 22 December, 2012

A quick review on the Moultrie trail cameras, and then these hunters decided to move to a different site. What they didn’t realize was that the night was about to unfold one of the craziest bear hunts they had experienced.
” After a big sow comes in a chases another bear up my tree with me in it. We watch as they run one another up and down the trees and finally the giant sow rips the younger one out of a big spruce tree and race past our stand again. As I look up again to the right of the bait I can’t believe the size of the monster black bear heading our way.”

Length : 13:52

Category: Bear, Bear Bow Hunting, Encounters, and Xtreme.

Tags: 2012, bear, black, encounter, hunters, Moultrie, outdoors, and rare.

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