Sept. 17, 2011, Ohio | Hunter Falls 22ft From Tree Stand

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Uploaded on 1 April, 2012

Here is the video of the incident with an Ohio hunter that falls twenty-two-feet, while hanging from a tree stand. No re-creation involved, all video footage and audio are 100% real. Dale Olbon was the victim to this brutal mishap and decided to share with a great video. Dale is an experienced hunter with Faith at Full Draw and will never forget this day of making hunting footage. Experience September 17, 2011 “The day that changed my life… forever!”

He was wearing a safety harness but the linemans belt had a failure. This led up to the 22 ft. upside-down-landing. Dale hit the ground with his left side of shoulder and head.Thank you to Dale Olbon for putting such a great video together from his scary day in the woods.

Length : 5:56

Category: Encounters and Xtreme.

Tags: 22ft, accident, Dale Olbon, deer stand, falls, hunter, hunting, and September.

3 Comments → “Sept. 17, 2011, Ohio | Hunter Falls 22ft From Tree Stand”

  1. sniperz2

    3 years ago

    GReat video, I’ve slipped before …no fall tho. epic story

  2. santi

    3 years ago

    you idiot this is not something to make fun off this is really dangerous so don’t joke around ok

  3. sniperz2

    3 years ago

    @ Santi……..what you talking about? Who you calling an idiot? I don’t see anyone making fun of this video

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