Multiple Bowhunting Coyote Kill Shots, Hawg-N-Sons

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Uploaded on 19 February, 2012

Possibly the fastest three coyote bowhunting kill shots you will ever see. Spectacular hunting footage all captured on video. He is nailing these multiple coyote kill shots with Lumenok Lighted Nocks. All shots were from the same stand making the day even more exciting. This was captured by Hawg-N-Sons unlimited.

Length : 3:48

Category: Encounters and Xtreme.

Tags: archery, bow, coyote, hawgnsons, hunting, Kevin MacLeod, multiple kills, and Tristan Tyrcha.

5 Comments → “Multiple Bowhunting Coyote Kill Shots, Hawg-N-Sons”

  1. Howard21

    3 years ago

    that’s some cool shots man, nice work.

  2. Ranchcitylights

    3 years ago

    Triple action, nice job man great video/

  3. SmokeyOak

    3 years ago

    right on nice hunt

  4. Gobblez

    3 years ago

    sweet shooting man!

  5. Hawg

    2 years ago

    HawgLife Bay-Bay!

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