Deer Found In 12 Ft. Dry Well Alive | Truro Rescue

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Uploaded on 17 March, 2012

Truro, Massachusetts was the location and firefighters spent most of their sunday planning a way to rescue this fallen deer. The doe crossed the path of a 12-foot hole January 2012. An abandoned dry well that created quite the scenario. Officials determined the stressed whitetail had been inside for over 24 hours.

Using a tranquilizer wasn’t an option being a game animal. This leads into a solution with a rope and another deer rescue. Captain Shannon Corea took the lead down the hole and said he tried to talk calmy as he tied her up. See it here, showing the rescue and a free-whitetail deer heading back to open marshland.

Length : 1:48

Category: Deer, Encounters, and Xtreme.

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