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Uploaded on 8 May, 2014

Take a look inside the life of Nick White and learn what moves and motivates this extraordinary bowhunter. 
Videography / editing by Matt White and Dustin Lutt @ RockHouse Motion.

Length : 5:06

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Tags: archery, bowhunter, hunting, outdoors, rockhouse motion, story, the challenge, and traditional.

6 Comments → “THE CHALLENGE”

  1. Tim

    1 year ago

    Wow guys, I related to this so much. Such inspiration and great filming! This is why I bowhunt!

  2. Russ Landers

    1 year ago

    Great work again!, best of the best always from Rockhouse and Sitka, combine the two and you get something very special.

  3. Hunt4LifeOz

    1 year ago

    well done!!

  4. Ken McBroom

    12 months ago

    Great video. It brings back memories of old. It made me glance across my man cave at the old Browning Nomad I started with leaned against the wall next to the best whitetail I ever arrowed just a week or so ago. I mounted this deer and it was my first attempt. It made me feel the hunt even longer and thankfully, so far it looks OK. I have thought about returning to the recurve but have not. Yet. I missed a small buck one morning 31 years ago. It spotted me sneaking into its bedding area and we stared each other down for a very long time. I finally won the battle and an arrow was released. The Bear Broadhead grazed the bucks back hairs and buried into a cedar tree. That is the most memorable hunt of my life and I have to think it had something to do with that recurve and cedar arrows. Thanks for the memories. Ken

  5. Ben

    7 months ago

    I want to be a better bowhunter everytime I see this!

  6. Tom H

    4 months ago

    well done!

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