Duckumentary- Mic & Duck Hunting

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Uploaded on 5 January, 2013

See more on duck hunting in Minnesota and how its popularity fly’s wild. It takes a lot of commitment to go duck hunting. People get up at 2am or even earlier in the morning. Mic shares with us his passion that drives him for duck hunting.

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Category: Duck Hunting and Waterfowl.

Tags: 2012, bird, ducks, flying, hunt, hunting, mic, minnesota, outdoors, and waterfowl.

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  1. Tanisha Clemons

    2 years ago

    With three duck hunting zones in effect in Minnesota this year, Cordts reminded hunters in the Central and South duck zones to be aware of closed dates in those zones, splitting the season into two parts to provide more opportunity later in the fall in those parts of the state.

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