Wilderness Athlete “Bow Hunter”

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Uploaded on 6 December, 2012

This project started out after a chat with the marketing team from Wilderness Athlete about making an internet promo. We spent two months working on storyboarding, scripting, location surveys and crewing. During the shoot they spent 27 hours shooting on location in a 36 hour timespan, pretty much a grind for everyone involved. After the shoot the company first wanted it cut down into a 30sec spot to run during their new TV Show on the Sportsman’s Channel. The plan in the future is to have a long 2-3min version for the web. Special thanks to Ben Lundsten, his great director of photography and Reid Anderson for being great a hauling gear around!

Length : 0:30

Category: Hunting and Short Films.

Tags: archery, bow, hunting, promo, and wilderness athlete.

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