Waterfowl Hunting With Eric Dykes And Friends

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Uploaded on 9 June, 2011

Great waterfowl hunting video in South Dakota by Eric Dykes. In areas where there is complete snow cover and the birds overhead can easily spot anything out of the ordinary, hunters often construct a nice fox hole. The fox hole has many advantages over the regular grassy camo covers a lot of hunters use in warmer areas. The foxhole can be covered giving you complete invisibility from the waterfowl over head and also keeps the hunter from the cold wind, keeping him warm.

Length : 3:01

Category: Duck Hunting, Goose Hunting, and Waterfowl.

Tags: eric dykes, goose, hunting, south dakota, ultimate outdoor, and waterfowl.

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  1. Gobblez

    3 years ago

    great video

  2. Patrick

    3 years ago

    ive vacationed near their several times. great outdoors for sure.

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