Wallowa County Wolves – 2012 Doc

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Uploaded on 30 October, 2012

The goal with this project is to educate people on how the recent invasion of the Canadian gray wolf is affecting our lives. The Oregon Wolf Education is telling their story through modern technology and publications. 

“This current project is documenting the real life stories involving the Canadian gray wolf. We have had a unique opportunity to capture this on film, which we think is a first. We have seen the effects of the wolf on other states such as Idaho and Montana, and we know this is an issue that we are and will be facing in the near future. We need to be able to protect our rural lifestyle, livestock, big game and our private property rights which we have seen eroded away in those other states.

This is an Oregon issue and we need the help of more concerned citizens. We hope this website will enlighten you about the seriousness of the spread of the wolf throughout the state, especially from an economic standpoint and the ability of 
our citizens to enjoy time honored family activities, customs and culture.”

Whether you agree with all the messages of this video it truly lets you see into the world of these humble ranchers.

Length : 15:07

Category: Hunting & Field Strategies and Tips.

Tags: culture, customs, education, gray, Oregon, wallowa, and wolf.

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