Glimpse Inside Shot Show 2012 – Part 2

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Uploaded on 21 January, 2013

Go inside the doors at Shot Show 2012 in this video displaying the newest guns and products. This even is well-known throughout the hunting industry and is anticipated every year. See more on hunting, shooting and law enforcement in this online trade show footage.

Featuring firearms from CVA, Traditions Firearms, Legacy Sports International, O. F. Mossberg & Sons Inc., Ambush Firearms, Daniel Defense, Crosman Corporation, and Sturm Ruger & Co Inc. Also featuring Larry Weishuhn aka Mr. Whitetail, Chad Schearer from Shoot Straight with Chad Schrearer, Pat Boyer from Northwest Hunter, Randy Newberg from On Your Own Adventures, and Clay Belding from The Fowl Life and Dead Dog Walking.

Length : 20:10

Category: Clips & Previews and Shows.

Tags: 2012, airguns, event, guns, muzzleloaders, pistols, products, shot show, and shotguns.

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