Roam This Place

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Uploaded on 21 February, 2014

RockHouse Motion presents this short feature reel. 
“Alright friends, grab your boots, shoes, sandals, or go barefoot. Just Go! Too much to see and too little time to see it.¬†Shot on lots of different cameras, on lots of different lenses, in lots of different places over the course of two years of personal and client work.” – RM

Length : 2:45

Category: Featured, Hunting, Nature & Timelapse, Partners, RockHouse Motion, Short Films, and Staff Picks.

Tags: films, hunting, nature, outdoor, productions, roam this place, and rockhouse motion.

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  1. Bill

    2 years ago

    Pure Awesomenesssssssssssssss!! Who’s the music composer for this video? Wow all together !!

  2. Levi Wennington

    2 years ago

    very thankful for work like this

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