Rifle Season Deer Hunting 2012 – John #2

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Uploaded on 10 December, 2012

Deer Hunting 2012. Follow John Royer as he films his rifle season in Clarion county Pennsylvania. John films his girlfriend Danielle during the opening of doe season but since she does not have a doe tag she can only harvest a buck. Then John and Charles Boozer film the last two days of rifle season with Johns friend Ron. Charles films Ron take a button buck. John films Charles missing a doe on the morning of the last day and finishes up his season by filming Danielle during the evening.

Length : 20:52

Category: Deer, Deer Rifle Hunting, Leatherwood Outdoors, and Partners.

Tags: 2012, deer, harvest, hunter, outdoors, rifle, shooting, and whitetail.

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  1. colton

    2 years ago

    Hey great shot ron! i did the same thing during archery season with my recurve, wish it wasn’t so but at least its a lean deer right?

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