Recollections Of A Traditional Bowhunter Part 1

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Uploaded on 15 January, 2013

This video series is as much about the man I filmed, as it is about bowhunting Amherst/Plymouth W.M.A. When he called me, and we spoke for awhile, I knew HIS unique/interesting story had to be told.

It took some gentle coaxing, but I hope you will agree it was well worth it. This is a special story, about a humble man, decorated Military Veteran, devoted family man, accomplished/very gifted artist, and HARDCORE PUBLIC LAND BOWHUNTER!!!

Who’d a thought all this would result from a little note under a windshield wiper, beside the W.M.A. that we both love very much. In my book that’s “GOOD STUFF!!!”. I truly hope the trad community, as well as my fellow public land bowhunters, worldwide, enjoy this 3 video series. As always, thanks for watching, and all the best. For instant access to part 2 click Here.

– Dave Mullins
Public Land Bowhunters

Length : 18:43

Category: Partners and Public Land Bowhunters.

Tags: 2013, bowhunter, hunting, outdoors, plb, stories, and traditional.

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