Hinchinbrook Bear

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Uploaded on 8 June, 2011

Grizzly bears have roamed the wild since the beginning of time. Nevertheless, few bears  if any can match up with this massive grizzly and the true story behind it. The Great Hinchinbrook Bear is the title most have heard or seen of this story before.  A man named Ted and his friend were hunting on this day of amazement  for stocky Blacktail bucks and ended up running into a bear of a lifetime. A .338 Win-Mag was the weapon that was used to take this unbelievable grizzly bear down. Enjoy this clip of a briefing and photo of the so-claimed Worlds Largest Bear ever shot.

Length : 1:04

Category: Bear and Bear Rifle Hunting.

Tags: alaska, bear, black, grizzly, hunt, monster, record, rifle, ted, and worlds.

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