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Uploaded on 28 April, 2014

The hunt for Old Mossy Horns by Del Austin is one of the greatest in bowhunting history. Starting in 1957 this epic hunt ended on Halloween evening, 1962. A Pope & Young classic harvest that scored at 279 7/8.
“You gotta be lucky you get in the right place. You gotta be lucky that you don’t screw up. So yet there’s alot of luck in it. I dont care what anybody says, you gotta have some luck to take a trophy like that. It’s been quite an experience. I wish I could go through something like this again.” – Del Austin

Length : 5:09

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  1. Such a great story :)!

    Jessi M.c., 5 months ago Reply

  2. Thanks for sparking this story back up, gets me excited for deer season and stories of my own.

    Conley Stakes, 5 months ago Reply

  3. Classic

    Brendan, 5 months ago Reply

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