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Uploaded on 13 January, 2013

In “CHASING THE LIGHT” they wanted to get the feeling across what it is like to head out into the wild to document the natural world. They wanted everybody who likes nature photography to see themselves in this film and say: It is about time I am getting out into the field again.

“About a year ago I received an intriguing email from Nikon Tokyo asking me if I would have the time to participate in a special project. Little idea did I have that a few months later I would have the honor to be the first photographer to shoot the new Nikon D600 in the field. From the beginning it was clear to me that I wanted to create a powerful video along with the images and asked my brother Salomon Schulz, who specializes in film-making, to be part of the team to create the official Nikon D600 Movie.
Looking at the specs of the D600, we realized this was an extremely versatile camera. That is the reason why we wanted to test the camera shooting landscapes and wildlife, from the deserts of the South West to the mountains of Alaska, and that in winter time.

For us photography is a passion that goes far beyond the technical aspects of a camera. It is about experiencing the natural world.”

Filmed by Florian Schulz & Salomon Schulz

Length : 5:14

Category: Hunting, Nature & Timelapse, and Short Films.

Tags: 2013, aspects, Camera, chasing the light, d600, filming, florian schulz, Nikon, outdoors, salomon schulz, and Wildlife.

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