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Uploaded on 10 March, 2014

Inside this turkey film we take a closer look at what drives an individual to drive 45 minutes in the dark to sit and wait. It’s all about an opportunity that produces fulfilling results. See these turkey hunters exhaust time living life with No Regrets with a recurve bow. Directed by Dustin Lutt, Kyle Nickolite and assistance from Kyle Metzger.

Length : 3:31

Category: Bird, Hunting, Partners, RockHouse Motion, Short Films, Staff Picks, and Turkey.

Tags: archery, bird, bow, bowhunt, film, hunt, hunting, outdoor, outdoors, production, productions, season, short, short film, spring, traditional, and turkey.

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  1. SmokeyOak

    3 years ago

    Amazing work, Thats what huntings about

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