Bow Hunting Wild Hogs In Texas

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Uploaded on 9 May, 2011

This video demonstrates how close you can get to a herd of hogs while they are busy stuffing their stomaches if you have the stealthy skills of these Texas hunters. The video has great production value with the picture in picture while he takes his shot, displaying him taking aim with his bow and shooting, while the main display is focused on a close up of the wild hog showing the moment of impact. As hogs are known to do, it bolts off after being spooked and heads right towards the hunter. Those tusks can be sharp and it was a close call. I know my heart would be pounding after that near miss.

Length : 1:11

Category: Hog Bow Hunting and Wild Hog.

Tags: boar, hog, hunting, javelina, lazy r hunts, texas, and wild.

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