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Uploaded on 12 November, 2012

Bluegrass documents hunting for a buck first located in August 2011. He named the buck “Wishbone” after his Dad suggested it would be a good fit. He was able to snap a picture of the buck when they first crossed paths in August.

“The hunt for Wishbone began that day in August and concluded one month to the day and less than 100yds from where we first crossed paths. Wishbone kept me up many nights over that 30 day span and has kept me up a few since I harvested him on Sept 5, 2011.

This slide show is a simple documentation of three days in August and three days in September. This was an experience of a lifetime and I am very thankful to the Browns for allowing me to hunt their farm, a gift I could never fully repay.”

Length : 6:08

Category: Deer.

Tags: bluegrass, buck, deer, hunting, outdoors, whitetail, and wishbone.

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