B.C. Moose

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Uploaded on 24 February, 2014

A short film of a moose hunt in the Cassiar Mountains of B.C. in September of 2011. 
Director, Videographer, and Editor: Dustin Lutt, Dustyimages

Length : 7:16

Category: Hunting, Moose, Moose Bow Hunting, Short Films, and Staff Picks.

Tags: bc, British Columbia, hunt, hunting, moose, nature, outdoor, pursuit, and Sitka Films.

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  1. Raymond Lagasse

    2 years ago

    Dustin Lutt’s video is incredibly well made. The scenery, narration and the bond shared between a father & son, hunter-prey, and moose camp-wilderness is exactly why I love the outdoors.

    Three of my close friends and I canoe into the Manitoba wilderness to our moose camp every couple of years. We also successfully harvested a nice bull moose this year. Hunting in the remote/rugged mountains of western Canada on horseback has always been one of my dreams. It would be wonderful to film our own trip as you did.

    The colors, sounds and smells of the wilderness are my escape from reality and it takes me away to a wonderful place.

    Thank you for posting I enjoyed your video very much.


  2. Ben

    1 year ago

    Excellent film!

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