Shooting Star Exploding Targets In Slow Motion

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Uploaded on 24 October, 2012

Get a bigger bang out of shooting with targets that explode! These consist of two inert components that, when mixed, blow up if impacted by a high-velocity projectile. Easy to mix and use, they won’t go off if dropped or when lit on fire. It usually takes at least a 40-gr. bullet with a velocity of 2,200 fps or more to detonate. Don’t transport or sell mixed components. Mixed components are considered explosive material and local, state and federal explosives regulations apply. Check local laws before ordering by clicking HERE.

1/2 lb. (minimum safe distance 50 yds.)
1 lb. (minimum safe distance 50 yds.)
2-1/2 lbs. (minimum safe distance 50 yds.)

Warning: Federal law allows a person to possess up to 50-lbs of powder , most states have lesser limits on possession amounts. Therefore it’s important not to mix more powder at one time than is allowed by your state or local laws

Length : 1:51

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